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Our Story

PoNadTo was founded in 2016. We are based in Warsaw (PL) but we are active around the world. Each active member of our team has long-time experience of being involved in Formal and Non-formal Education, Mentoring and Change Makers Empowerment. Together we've been working in more than 15 countries such as Poland, Georgia, Burma/Myanmar, Ukraine, Guadeloupe, Mexico, Armenia, USA and many more. In early February 2016 we decided to combine our experience and passion in order to inspire and enhance people's creative spark and spirit.

The Future We See

We believe that Education, Empowerment, and Creativity are essential for true social progress.

That is why our mission is to provide an inspiring environment for kids and change-makers to express themselves and gain new skills through art, creative education, and social initiatives.

One of our main goals is to support creative groups/ individuals in reaching their full potential using both pedagogical and technological innovations.



Mapping Freedom


#Alternative mapping

#Video Workshops

#Caucasus Region


Fields of Mastery 

Cancun - The Little Prince
One Caucasus
Mapping Freedom


Video &Photography 

Computer Animations

MTE Tunisia
MTE Tunisia
MTE Tunisia


Training of Trainers

Video production for NGOs

Ali, 6 years old, rapper
Cancun - Salvation
Young Painter, Solferino-Mexico







In our team, passionate people (directors, educators, musicians, designers, human rights activists) are putting their talent      and their experience together in order to strengthen the impact and scope of PoNadTo initiatives. 

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